Unexpected Things That Turn Buyers OFF

It’s a seller’s market so selling should be easy right?  Well not if you are sending signals that will send potential buyers right out the door!  Here are some things that I’ve seen that can make buyers run for the hills!

  1. Leaving Your Pet During Showings:  Leaving your pet home can make some buyers uncomfortable and send them packing straight to another house!  Some people don’t like cats.  Some people are not happy to find furry friends lurking in cages around the corner (not to mention the odor that comes with them).
  2. Bad Pictures:  Put the toilet seat down.  Clean off your counters.  Make your beds.  Put the toys away.  And keep Fido out of the picture!  Almost every potential buyer will see your home online before deciding to make an appointment so you want to make an amazing first impression.
  3. Personal Belongings:  No, I’m not talking about pictures of your kids (though too many of those can be a turn off)… I’m talking about leaving your dirty underwear and socks on the bathroom floor.  Or your dirty breakfast dishes on the counter.  Neaten up before you leave for the day because you never know when a potential buyer will be coming!
  4. Lack of Natural Light:  Open the windows, put the blinds up all the way, pull the drapes back, and tie up your sheers!  There’s nothing worse than a buyer walking into a house and feeling like they are in a dungeon.  Let in as much light as possible!
  5. Too Hot or Too Cold:  Whether it’s 95 degrees and muggy, or 25 and freezing, you want potential buyers to walk in to a home that is at a comfortable temperature so that they will stay awhile and visualize themselves in the space.  Otherwise they will just be looking to get out of there asap!

What have you seen that is a huge turn off when looking at homes?  I’d love to hear your comments!

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