Woburn, Burlington, and Wilmington 2nd Quarter Home Sales Continue to Rise Above 2013

The average sale price of a single family home in Woburn for the 2nd quarter of 2014 has risen about 5.3% over the average sale price during the same time period last year to $410,831.  Burlington saw a large 14.5% increase in the average sale price, from $468,895 in 2013 to $536,844 in 2014.  Wilmington made a  6% gain with the average sale price increasing to $406,782.

Comparisons to the first half of 2013 versus the 1st half of 2014 were in line with the 2nd quarter increases.  Woburn’s average sale price increased approximately 7% from $371,876 to $398,394 and average market time decreased by 29% to an average of 62.68 days.  Burlington saw an increase of almost 14% in the first half over 2013 with its average sale price hitting $509,429 while the average market time dropped from 75.42 days to 53.6 days.  Wilmington’s average sale price increased 6.3% to $400,154 in the first half of 2014.



Data gathered from MLS PIN on 7/2/14

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