Get some bulbs in your yard before the first frost!

A blog post from Kadilak Realty Group Realtor, Dave Lenhardt:

Umm… Those aren’t pictures of Fall, Dave…

CORRECT. (But also not correct.)

I wanted to take a couple minutes to remind you that right now is the perfect time for a cheap and drought-friendly way to add some color in your front yard. Low maintenance landscaping is number two on HGTV’s list of $100-200 improvements to increase your home’s value, and bulbs are a great way to do that in a dry fall like this one because they need little to no water at this point!

The most important thing about planting bulbs is to get them in the ground in the Fall before the first hard frost. I had no idea this was a thing until my friend introduced me to the world of landscaping, but bulbs actually need a sustained “dormant” period of cold temperatures to stimulate root development so they can pop out strong in the spring.

One of the best things about planting bulbs is that you can get as few or as many as your budget allows, and the bulbs themselves vary in price from a few dollars a bag to upwards of $10 a pop. (The super-cheap bags of bulbs that we got from Job Lot last Fall came up AMAZINGLY, so we’ll be swinging by there to get some more this year!). Click for info on some more exotic, yet drought friendly bulbs you can get if you want to splurge.

If you need ideas on which ones or how much of each to buy, this page has some combinations that can get you started.

Have fun planting!


Dave Lenhardt, Realtor

Dave Lenhardt, Realtor  

Kadilak Realty Group 

RE/MAX Leading Edge


Call or text 781-577-8673

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