Hardwood Floors in Your Kitchen?

Hardwood flooring seems to be the most popular choice in kitchen flooring lately, but sometimes homeowners wonder if it’s the best choice for them.  Like anything else, there are pros and cons, and we have decided to take a look at some of them:



  • Hardwood floors are gorgeous!  They are popular because they add warmth and look beautiful.
  • Does someone in your family have allergies?  If so this may be a great option because you can easily remove any build up of dirt and dust.
  • Do you love walking around barefoot?  Hardwood is comfortable enough to do that all year round.
  • Compared to most tile, hardwood can be a cost savings because it does not require a layer of cement board and the installation process typically requires less man hours per square foot.
  • Do you love open spaces?  Using hardwood throughout the living area provides a seamless look from other adjoining rooms in the house.
  • In general, installing hardwood flooring can increase your home’s value and visual appeal compared to other flooring types.
  • Hardwood is easy to clean.  You can vacuum, sweep, mop, wipe… whatever you like!
  • It’s a versatile option.  I usually compare natural hardwood floors to blue denim jeans because they go with pretty much anything.  When people renovate or restore homes you never see them tearing out good hardwood flooring!
  • Don’t like the look of natural hardwood flooring?  And the exotic colors you like are crazy expensive?  You can always install “regular” hardwood and have it stained to almost any color you like for less than most of the specialty pre-finished options.

Stained hardwood floors make this feel modern and seamlessly brings the rooms together


  • Wood floors are susceptible to water damage, especially around wet areas like the sink and dishwasher, usually in the form of separated and warped flooring.  To prevent this from happening you still need to put down a mat or carpet to protect the most vulnerable areas.
  • High maintenance: Hardwood floors are easy to clean, but they require almost immediate cleaning of spills and messes so that you are not left with permanent damage.
  • Do you have pets?  Hardwood can be difficult for dogs and cats to gain traction on and it may be too slippery for them.
  • Pet urine can also damage hardwood flooring by leaving dark stains in the wood that cannot be taken out.  Often the only options are to either replace the flooring or apply a dark stain to camouflage the discoloration.

Many Homeowners consider tile because of it’s durability compared to hardwood floors

  • It is also susceptible to dents and scratches from everyday wear and tear, pet claws, high heels, dropped objects, etc.
  • Wood naturally constricts when temperatures drop, and it swells when things heat up.  You will see this in your interior doors, trim, and yes, your hardwood flooring.  This problem can be worsened if the wood was not allowed enough time to acclimate to the house prior to installation, or for other environmental reasons.
  • They may be creaky and noisy as they age and settle in the home.
  • Hardwood is expensive, and if you decide to use an exotic or specialty flooring it could get really expensive.

So what’s the conclusion?  It depends!  You have to consider your needs, how you use your home, and the look you are going after when deciding on a flooring choice.  One thing you can count on is that it’s a timeless finish that will always be in demand for it’s beauty and versatility.

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