7 Rejected Offers To Homeownership

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This past summer, right after the hustle and bustle of the spring market, I received a Facebook message from a gentleman named *Tom asking to meet.  He explained that he and his wife, Megan, had been casually checking out open houses, but that they were ready to buy and they needed an agent.

The message that started it all

They had been saving up their down payment and wanted to settle down in their first home as a married couple.  Megan and Tom were looking for something that would accommodate their large family gatherings, as well as provide extra space for when they would someday grow their own family.  Given their requirements and budget I knew that what they were looking for was attainable, but I also knew that it would not be easy.

We discussed how, even after the spring rush, the market was still very competitive in their price range in the towns they wanted to be in.  The fact that they wanted a home that did not require updating made it extra competitive… everyone wants the nice house!

The process was not easy.  We created a list of potential properties, and one by one we knocked them off the list by going to open houses and arranging private showings.  This is an exhausting process that can eat up most of your nights and weekends… and it’s stressful!  Once we found a home they liked enough to make an offer on the roller coaster ride began!

Megan and Tom had certain items they would not waiver on, which made their offers less competitive, but we agreed that it was more important to stay within their comfort zone.  The non-negotiables were that we would never waive a home inspection and we would never waive the appraisal.  This was tough because the competition was fierce.

In all, they had 7 offers rejected by home sellers.  After watching how things played out, we saw that 2 of our rejected offers were actually for more money than what the homes ended up selling for!  Sometimes finding out this information makes it seem like things were unfair, but it’s important to know that Sellers don’t always make decisions based on price alone.  The process of constantly searching for homes, making appointments, making offers, and getting rejected is a lot to deal with when you just want to be in your new home!

Megan and Tom’s journey took 5 months from that first Facebook message to closing on their new house.  It was not an easy process, and at one point they even decided that they were emotionally tapped out and took a much needed short break.  But, they jumped back in, and after making our 8th offer they FINALLY had a home of their own that met all of their criteria, including a gorgeous new kitchen!

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