What’s Hiding Under Your Carpet?


Many homes built before the 1980’s were built with beautiful hardwood flooring that has been, at some point, covered with carpeting.  One Seller told me that she was surprised to hear that it would help the sale to remove it.  After all, she and her husband had installed it themselves over the hardwood when they moved in 20 years ago because it was “in” and thought it made the house feel warm.  Your house may feel warm in the winter, but do you ever wonder what is underneath that dingy dust collector? Read on to see some of what we’ve uncovered!


Case Study #1: Classic Ranch Home

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BEFORE:  This 1950’s Ranch had carpeting covering the hardwood flooring.


Home buyers tend to view carpeting as dated, and like I mentioned before, dirty collectors of dust!  Many home sellers view removing carpeting, and having floors refinished, as a huge pain and inconvenience.  I’m not going to lie to you-  Removing all of your furniture and having your floors redone IS a huge pain in the you-know-what, but many Sellers who decide to bite the bullet reap the rewards with a higher sale price and increased interest in their home.


AFTER: The space feels modern and bright!



Case Study #2: Finding Pet and Water Stains


We had one client who was hesitant to remove the carpeting because they had a feeling that the hardwood floors were damaged by water and pet stains from the previous owner, yuck!  They were afraid that they would end up having to remove all of the flooring and replace it with something new, which would have been very expensive.


We did end up finding stains under the carpeting, but we were able to address it by refinishing the floors with a dark stain and we were able to salvage almost all of the original flooring.

The buyers who ultimately purchased the home said that they would not have made an offer if the pre-sale upgrades were not done.


AFTER: The home feels fresh and clean!

5 Adams Circle, Woburn MA


Ripping up carpet does seem like a daunting task, but for our clients who allowed us to help coordinate professionals to make it happen, the rewards were more than worth it! Having freshly refinished hardwoods in any space is a great investment to freshen up any home to get it buyer ready!

Now, what’s hiding under your carpet?

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