Did You Know That Bad Lighting Can Hurt Your Sale?

By: Dave Lenhardt

Lighting plays way more of a part than it should in a home sale, and the early nights we have in the fall & winter only exaggerate it. Here are some great ways to use lighting to make your home stand out from the rest!

1 – Have lighting in the first place
Have you ever walked into a room in the evening and not had the light switch work? Ok, it probably doesn’t happen much in normal life, but it happens ALL THE TIME in homes that are for sale. All too often the switch control that is hooked up to the outlet doesn’t have a light plugged into it or the hard wired lighting needs to be fixed! In times like that, a small thing that’s easy to change is to just make sure all lights that can be plugged in work and have new bulbs in them. You don’t want to be the only house on the block that has only one light that works in every room during showings!

2 – Leave the lights on for showings
As a seller, a large part of your job is to ensure potential buyers have a comfortable experience when they tour your house. In the late fall & winter we suggest turning all your lights on before showings to avoid a potential buyer’s first experience at your home involving fumbling around in the dark for light switches. The extra few cents on your electrical bill will be worth it!

3 – Get the right color “temperature” for your lights
Many LED light bulbs are described as having a certain color “temperature”, or K number, and it’s important to pick the right type for a particular room. I find that 2700K or 3000K looks best in a home, but it also depends on the type of bulb. For example, I’ve tried every candelabra-sized LED bulb under the sun that’s listed as 2700K, but they’ve all looked greenish or fluorescent while all the 2700K five-inch recessed lights I’ve bought look great!

K number compare

4 – Light your kitchen island or peninsula correctly
If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen island or peninsula in your home, you sure as heck better have either some pendant lights or recessed lights above it. I personally feel like a pendant light that matches the feel of the home makes the kitchen show exponentially better, but I also know that there are a million of them to choose from and I’m happy to help you narrow your choices.

5 – Install under-cabinet lighting

A beautiful kitchen is often what draws buyers to your home, and under-cabinet lighting is a great way to help make it pop! There are many plug-in options out there that can look just as good as hard-wired ones, and many brands are even self-stick to make mounting super easy.

Undercabinet lighting

6 – Don’t waste money on an electrician if you can use a plug-in option
The name of the game when getting a home ready for sale is to get the most return on every dollar you spend on the “face-lift”, which means using a plug-in version rather than paying an electrician if possible. Here’s a great example from Amazon.com!

You Can Purchase This Light At The Link Above!
You Can Purchase This Light At The Link Above!

7 – Hold off picking paint colors until after you’ve installed your new lights
If you’re going to paint part of your home before selling it, lighting can play a big part in how the paint appears. I’ve seen the same color of paint look pure gray in one light and brown in another, so do yourself a favor and hold off until you finalize any changes to the lighting in your home. Ok, fine; you can paint the white trim at this point, but only if it’s completely un-tinted. Then you can go back to patiently waiting again. 😀

Every home is different of course, so what works for your neighbor might not have the same effect in your home. Give me a call if you want some help deciding the best option for your home and budget!

Want to learn more about lighting in your home? Let’s chat!

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