“Editing” A Home For Sale

By: Susan Kadilak

When I met the sweet older couple who owned this home they were feeling defeated by the market.  They had tried to sell their home about six months prior and after over 100 days on the market there were no offers.  They were ready to cash out on their home of over 30 years so they could travel and enjoy life without having to worry about home maintenance, but they were skeptical after their previous experience.

It was a big decision for them to go back on the market, but they decided to bite the bullet and do it.  After reviewing the market conditions we determined that the price was not the issue (pretty unusual!) and we really needed to take some steps to increase this home’s appeal to our target buyer.

That buyer would likely be a young, first time buyer.  One who watches homes get fixed up in 30 minutes on HGTV, dreams of Pinterest perfection, and seriously lacks vision.

BEFORE:  Clutter, mint green curtains, and visible dust on the desk were acting as a strong Buyer Repellent.IMG_6322

We did a walk through of the house and made a (long) list of recommended changes to make this home more appealing prior to listing.  It was a lot of work, but the clients were on board.  The typical pre-sale list includes removing and packing up lots of things that don’t seem to be a big deal, but can really change how a home feels to potential buyers.

AFTER:  Window treatments were removed to let in natural light, some furniture and other items were removed, and we added a little greenery.

The living room was another place we made some subtle, but important, changes.  They had a large rug covering up the beautiful hardwood floors, which made the room feel smaller, the large TV in the corner blocked a window, and there was a little bit too much red going on.

BEFORE: Covering up hardwood floors and crowding the corners made the room feel tight and uncomfortable.

We decided to remove the window treatments, large rug, rocking chair, runner, and some other items.  We also relocated the TV and added a slipcover to the couch to soften the color in the room.

Removing window treatments is a small thing that can change how a room feels because of the amount of light it lets into the house.  I once had a seller who thought I hated her curtains!

AFTER:  We made the room feel bigger and brighter with a few simple changes.
We put this house back on the market, it sold for $6,000 more than it was previously listed at, and we received multiple offers.

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