True Life Stories Of Sellers Bad Behavior

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Over the years, selling hundreds of homes, we’ve seen all kinds of different ways people have handled the stress of selling a home… and it’s no joke.  For your benefit, we’ve compiled a list of things we have witnessed that you should NOT DO. Enjoy!

1.   Don’t Hide in the Closet While People Are Looking At Your Home.
I know that you REALLY want to know whether or not the buyers like your home, but it’s super awkward to be showing a home only to open a closet and Surprise!  The seller is standing right there… #totallynormal


2.   Put Family Fights On Hold When The Bank Appraiser Shows Up.
After dealing with open houses and showings you finally have a buyer!  No need to continue keeping the house perfect, right? Well, almost. When the bank appraiser comes through you should disappear like bacon on a Sunday… but if for some reason you have to be present please know that it is not the appropriate time for an all-out family brawl. That was a really fun one, but we got through it. #thestruggleisreal


3.   Don’t Place Your Unwanted Furniture On The Front Lawn.
A couch on the grass is just not a good look. The buyers who come to the open house will ask us about it- and we don’t know what to say.  It’s uncomfortable. It’s awkward. Don’t do it.


4.   You have to actually be moved out by the closing day.
The buyer doesn’t want to live with you and your stuff, so scheduling the movers for the day of the closing is a bad idea!  You have to be moved out BEFORE the closing happens… Moving gets more stressful when my buyers and I have to hang around and watch you take your mayonnaise and pickles out of the fridge so we can get to the closing.

5.   Don’t come back during the open house to see what’s going on.
We can see you sifting through the storage pod pulling things out…  Or pretending to be casually walking your dog outside… And I know that 3rd open house attendee was actually your aunt… (just kidding, but only on that last one). 

Selling a home can be stressful, even if you prepare ahead of time. Are you ready to see how you will handle the stress?

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