Home Inspection Nightmares!

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A bad home inspection can be your worst nightmare when you are buying or selling a home.  When you find a problem you can either deal with it head on or turn and run fast! Here’s a quick rundown of a few of the most cringe worthy things we have seen:

1.  BLACK MOLD: While mold is not a word you want to associate with the new home you’re buying, it’s not uncommon to come across it in New England.  We are not talking about a little bit of treatable mold here, we are talking about the home inspector literally sticking his head in the attic and yelling “I don’t think Home Depot started selling black plywood!  You better get the mold people here!”. ***Cue heart palpitations***

While even bad situations can be remedied, they can be very expensive and stressful to deal with!


Black Mold

2.  TERMITES:  Again, termites are not unusual in New England (for some reason they love the sill behind the front stairs on a ranch style; must be a sweet spot!), but you never know how far they have gone.  In this house, we found the termites had made their way from under the breezeway all the way to the first floor ceiling!

Whole House STRINGOUT_v2.00_03_47_19.Still003

Termite Damage

3.  FROZEN PIPES:  In this house a pipe in the attic burst while my clients were in the process of buying it.  Since it was vacant we had no idea how long the water was flowing, but it was bad! Needless to say, we backed out of this deal and ended up finding another house for them.

These are all definitely home inspection nightmares, but please don’t be scared of having a home inspection! It is important to be informed of existing issues as well as potential problems, especially when making such a large purchase. We are just trying to warn you of the worse case scenarios and how to fix them if they happen to pop up for you!

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