Where Are All The New Ranches?

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Are you dreaming of living in a beautiful brand new single story home and wondering why you don’t see any being built?  We’re going to give you a quick rundown of the top reasons why you rarely see a Ranch style home being built.

Roofs & Foundations are Expensive:  A 2,500 square foot ranch has a much larger roof and foundation footprint than a 2,500 square foot colonial.  These are some of the most expensive components of building a new home.

Per square foot, Colonials sell for more than Ranches:  Land value is land value, but if Colonials cost less money to build and sell for more it just makes sense that new home builders almost always go for the 2-story Colonial. Land is so expensive that in many cases building a ranch to sell could leave a developer in the red.


Bottom Line:  As Paul puts it, it’s cheaper to stack 2 boxes on top of each other than to build one giant box.  If you’re looking for a sprawling ranch consider expanding an existing one or searching for land to build your dream home.

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