15 Best DIY Fails!

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We’ve seen some bad things, and we truly mean BAD things, out there selling hundreds of homes over the years and it wouldn’t be fun if we didn’t share some of them with you! A little duct tape, super glue or paint isn’t always the best solution! Check out 15 of the best DIY fails that we have come across. 👇


Out showing houses yesterday and came across this… I’m still laughing 😂 … #diyperfection #thatsnothowyoudoit #callaprofessional #homeownerspecial



Yes, that is an old bathtub. This actually could be cute I think! 🛀🏻 #reuseandrecycle



DIY black painted appliances! I didn’t even know this was a thing 😮



This isn’t going to work #oops






NOT A REFLECTION! No room for a separate master bath? No problem! Just do a combo bath. Family members can pee next to each other with the privacy of a curtain in between! It’s a new thing. For real. #igotthis #littleluxuries



This house is listed as “Just Renovated” #thisisreallifepeople



“Newly renovated kitchen” Plywood is the new duct tape #plywoodfixeseverything



“Heated tub”? 😳



Ummm…. just no….



Just come in the side door and make yourself comfortable!






This is comforting…



“Stairs Were Just Painted”


Don’t be a terrible DIY’er please! If your planning on selling your home, call the professionals so you don’t end up scaring buyers away. Leave the DIY projects for cute decor in your new home!

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