True Life Stories Of Buyers Bad Behavior!

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Buying a home is stressful! Viewing properties, doing credit checks, inspections… we have seen all kinds of different ways buyers have handled the pressure.  For your benefit, we’ve compiled a list of things we have witnessed that you should NOT DO. Enjoy!

1. Do Not Make Friends With The Seller.
I’ve had a few buyers over the years make friends with sellers thinking that it will make the process smoother.  In one instance, my client had become so friendly with the seller that he was going by the house frequently before the closing to chat and have the seller show him around.  When it came time to do the final walk through he didn’t think it was necessary because he had been to the house so many times. I told him he didn’t have to go if he really didn’t want to, but that I would go do it by myself.  “Well if you’re going then I guess I’m going.”

When we got to the house not only did we find that his new “friend” left several full bags of trash throughout the house, but the hot water heater has gone bad and exploded in the basement.  My client was horrified. If we had closed without doing that walk through he would have been responsible for accepting the house in that condition.


2. Show Up Late For Showings.
Sometimes buyers are 10, 15, even up to 30 minutes late for showings.  It happens, that’s life. But we had one client who would show up at least 45 minutes late EVERY time!  This can cause issues for the sellers who plan to be out for a certain amount of time, and for other people who might be coming to see the house.


3. Moving Stuff In Before The Closing.
Years ago we were selling a property and I stopped to do a check-in a week before the closing and was surprised to find the buyer had unloaded a truck of belongings into the house!  Remember the house is not yours until AFTER you actually close on it and the deed is recorded.


4. Buying A New Car Before Closing.
We once had a buyer trade in her car a week before the closing.  She didn’t think anything of it because her payments were the same, but this change on her credit report meant that her lender had to put her file through underwriting again before the issuing the final loan approval which delayed the closing by a week!  Once you apply for a loan you should not buy anything on credit, not even a pack of gum!

5. Blabbing To The Listing Agent.
If you are a buyer, chatting with the listing agent is like being under arrest because anything you say or do can and will be used against you!  Remember, even if the agent is super nice, he or she is NOT your friend! It is literally their job to work against you and they have a legal obligation to share anything they know about you with their client.  So, if you REALLY love the house because your best friend lives across the street, or you are offering $X but would be willing to pay more- keep that information to yourself and YOUR agent!

Buying a home can be stressful, even if you prepare ahead of time. Are you ready to see how you will handle the stress?

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