Send Help: Working From Home With Kids

By: Dori Brewster

Just about a month ago, a typical weekday for me was juggling my coffee, work materials, and my children as I rush out of the door and into my car where I try my best to go the speed limit as I hurl my children out of the car to school and daycare before heading to the office or an appointment. Needless to say, in recent weeks, that routine has changed. For myself, and the rest of the world, EVERYTHING has changed as we self-quarantine in order to stop the spread of the devastating Coronavirus. The biggest one of those changes for me is having my children in my work space… which is now also my living room. I’d like to share with you my adventures working from home with the family and how I have adjusted to the circumstances we are all facing.

Cafe Quarantine:

There’s something special about walking up to a barista, telling her very clearly that my name is ‘DORI’, and still leaving with the delicious caffeinated beverage I ordered despite the name ‘Glora’ written on the side of the cup (true story). Gone are the days of guessing which name my favorite coffee franchise will give me today. Instead, it’s a mad dash to my kitchen to get to my Keurig and make my own macchiato before my husband uses the rest of the caramel drizzle, which has become far more essential than toilet paper in my house these days. Every Thursday I would host coffee hour at a local shop to offer people the opportunity to get real estate market updates, ask their real estate questions, or just say “hi” and have some company with their coffee. From now on it will have to be virtual coffee hour from my living room.


Homemade Macchiatos… Yum!

Zoom vs The Children:

After learning how to make a killer macchiato, my next step to conquering the new world was to change all of my scheduled meetings, trainings and appointments into Zoom video calls and Facebook live trainings. Simple enough, right? WRONG! My toddler discovered the word ‘no’ this week and turned it into a song. My precious first born has taken it upon himself to sing backup, being the best in-house daycare provider ever he takes things away from the baby in case it may be dangerous….by things I mean EVERYTHING! Their smash hit single “NOOO…no, no, stop, NOOO!” has been quite the soundtrack to these video calls. I am quite thankful for the patience of the other attendees, as well as the mute button whenever applicable.

Why can’t you eat with your school stomach?

I don’t know whether they are emotionally eating due to the stress of the times, or if they are just trying to see what the back of my fridge and cabinets look like, but… my kids eat too much! Somehow an entire school day can go by and they’re fine with breakfast, lunch and snack. However, when eating at home they require breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack, snack, dinner, snack, and a final snack. The baby will only eat what he can fit in his hand while running so he isn’t usually so bad. But with hero big brother at home all day now, teaching him that life is all about the Doritos, it’s beginning to look like we’ll need to quarantine INSIDE Costco. They’re going to force me to be the ‘celery sticks for snack’ mom to slow them down.


Home school is for heroes!

For those of us born before the 90’s, we really only knew how to do math one way- the easy way. Learning it the first time was hard enough. In comes my 10-year old with math problems that require a doctorate in all things confusing. My approach to this ‘new math’ is to let him do it the way they taught him and I do it my way. That works out fine until it comes time to show our work and compare answers and I feel like he’s judging me for carrying the 2 or using my fingers or something. But how dare you judge my methods when your work looks like the math problem Matt Damon solved in Good Will Hunting? All we were doing was trying to divide 10 by 2… Moral of the story is I am not ashamed to let the internet educate my child if it does a better job than I do. Send them to google with pride. Us parents have to figure out how to navigate this new world without Starbucks, we don’t have time for new math.


No comment…. :  )

The End of the Tunnel!

Needless to say it has been quite a few weeks for us all. The world outside is very scary
right now. Staying home is the only way we all can do our part to slow the spread of the virus. If keeping my family and millions of others safe means Dorito covered pajamas at noon, writing offers from my living room, making myself homemade lattes, and Zoom meetings featuring musical performances by my children, then so be it! No one imagined these circumstances, but here they are. My bright side is having more time with my husband and children, as well as sharpening my ability to adapt when life gives me lemons….that now need to be sanitized.

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Send Help: Working From Home With Kids by Kadilak Realty Group

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  • Reply Jax April 15, 2020 at 6:23 pm

    I laughed through this entire blog. You had me engaged, entertained and even though my girls are a bit older than your boys, I could relate to your every word regarding the outrageous amounts of food they eat and the noise decimal levels shooting through the roof everytime they lose a game on their Xbox. I look forward to reading more. How do i join uour blog? Love, Jax

  • Reply Yolanda April 16, 2020 at 10:08 am

    I hate this new math, I hate this new math, and also I hate this new math lol. You nailed it on every aspect. Keep up the great work, you have always been amazing!

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