About Kadilak Realty Group // Meet The Team

We believe that moving to the next chapter should not be so stressful! We are problem solvers, the calm in the middle of the storm, on your team to get you safely to the goal line! We are laid back, funny, patient, dependable, responsive, supportive, strategic, dedicated to our clients, fiercely loyal, down to earth, unstuffy, and protective of your interests. \

We believe in Higher Standards. We relentlessly pursue the latest market information, consult with thought leaders in our business, and learn from innovators in our industry which enables us to provide the best results for our clients.

Now, more than ever, who you work with matters!


Susan Macedo Kadilak // Realtor Susan@KadilakRealtyGroup.com ✆ 781-799-4080

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Dave Lenhardt // Realtor Dave@KadilakRealtyGroup.com ✆ 781-557-8673

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Laura Cohron // Realtor Laura@KadilakRealtyGroup.com ✆ 857-888-2509

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Dustin Frankus// Realtor Dustin@KadilakRealtyGroup.com ✆ 617-852-4982

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Trisha Delano// Transaction Coordinator Trisha@KadilakRealtyGroup.com ✆ 781-365-1984

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Evan Hatten // Video Production Evan@KadilakRealtyGroup.com


Alex // Marketing & Design Alex@KadilakRealtyGroup.com


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